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Keeping you Connected to the Future since 1956

Questions? Call 800.245.2991Dell Telephone Cooperative is proud to offer state of the art communications services to the residents and businesses of Dell City and the surrounding region.

We've been keeping you connected to the future since 1956.

Please take a moment to browse our selection of custom services.

From Broadband DSL and dial-up Internet to custom and advanced calling services, Dell Telephone Cooperative is your connection to the world!

For Internet, Long Distance & Voice Mail services visit page of our subsidiary company: Delcom, Inc. Delcom, Inc.

Custom Calling Features

Custom Calling Features

  • Call Waiting - With Call Waiting you can answer a second call when you are on the phone with another call. This way you'll never miss an important phone call.
  • Call Forwarding - If you're away from your phone, either out of town, running errands, or visiting neighbors, Call Forwarding allows you to forward incoming calls to another phone number.
  • Speed Calling - Speed Calling is available for up to 8 or up to 30 numbers, depending on how many you need. With Speed Calling you can dial up to 8 or 30 numbers using a short two digit code.
  • 3 Way Calling - Three Way Calling allows you to add a third party to your conversation, without operator assistance, whether you have received or placed the phone call.

Advanced Calling Features

Advanced Calling Features

  • Caller ID - When you receive a call, the telephone number and/or name of the person calling you is shown the Caller ID display screen. Note: If unknown number appears, then the caller is in an area that does not support Caller ID services. If the letter 'P' or Private appears on your screen, the caller may have blocked the call.
  • Call Waiting/Caller ID - Works with Caller ID (You must have Caller ID). Allows you to see who is trying to call you while you are on the phone. Displays the number calling on your phone or Caller ID equipment.
  • Automatic Callback - Automatic Callback allows you to dial a code that places a call to the last phone number that you placed a call to, without you having to dial the complete number, regardless of whether the call was answered, unanswered, or busy.
  • Automatic Recall - Couldn't get to the phone in time? You can still find out who called. Return the call by dialing a simple code.
  • Selective Call Acceptance - Selective Call Acceptance allows you to create a list of up to 30 telephone numbers that you wish to receive phone calls from. All calls from other phone numbers will be diverted to an announcement saying that calls are not being accepted at this time.
  • Selective Call Forwarding - Similar to Call Forwarding, Selective Call Forwarding allows you to forward incoming calls from up to 30 specified phone numbers to another phone number. All other calls are treated normally.
  • Selective Call Rejection - Selective Call Rejection allows you to block calls from up to 30 specified telephone numbers.
  • Selective Distinctive Ringing - Selective Distinctive Ringing allows you to pick 30 phone numbers that can be given a distinctive ring when they call you.